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Give the Gift of Inner Vision with Healing Arts

Healing arts restores the body's central nervous system, allowing for homeostasis, balance, proper sleep, reduction in anxiety and overall relaxation.

Using my gifts of sacred intuitive healing, I incorporate guided imagery, visualization, hands-on energetic vacuuming, crystal work, singing bowls, smudging, essential oils and sound therapy. Give this therapeutic gift to yourself or a loved one.

Hands - On Healing Treatment

30 minute session - $150 (usually $175)

60 minute session - $200 (usually $250)

Movement restores the soul's connection to unbound potential, where everything is possible. This is a great gift for a novice, former high school/college dancer or anyone with little to no experience, yet has the burning desire to dance and have fun in group. No experience necessary, just an open mind + heart.


Learning how to dance builds confidence and invigorates the mind to remember choreography. This intimate setting provides a safe environment without distraction from larger commercial studios.

Give the gift of dance to yourself or a loved one in a safe nurturing environment over 5 weeks of instruction. On the final date at 7p, friends + family are invited to support your journey, as you perform a staged choreographed piece in the very studio where you learned.

There's Room for Everyone

Basic + Beginner Dance Workshop

(Bollywood, Street Jazz, Femme Chic Styles)

Session: March 3rd - 31st, 2020



Tuesdays 6-8p 

Manhattan Venue

$250 per session

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Private instruction is a great way to deepen your practice, learning specific tools for your body's needs while receiving individually tailored guidance and expertise. 


Whether you want to learn correct alignment in yoga, inversions, meditation, fitness, dance or overall energetic + spiritual healing, privates provide a sanctuary unlike group settings.

Private Instruction

30 minute session - $150

60 minute session - $200 (usually $250)

3 session package of 60 minutes - $575 (usually $600)