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Meet Nikki

Slow down. Be Present. Give Goodness.

The name Nikki Baksh means Giving Goodness.

Nikki brings her  comprehensive knowledge of yoga and interdisciplinary studies through her teachings worldwide.

A dance and movement aficionado, Nikki's yoga classes are a unique combination of spirituality with a dance-like dynamic vinyasa flow, allowing you to freely connect breath and body in a meditative state through creative asana work.

Based in New York City, her classes, workshops,  and international retreats focus on calling forth pure Shakti energy of our true nature to coexist in harmony with our daily personal and social responsibilities.  

Allowing our true nature to evolve, be present, and aligned in daily life, requires us to hold loving space for our Shakti, pure essence with our true authentic consciousness, Shiva.

Her soulful guidance helps students give goodness to their own divinity and to the divinity of all beings, through planting and cultivating new seeds for deeper gratitude, love, humility, and compassion.

Créatrice of Shiva/Shakti: Sacred Journey Retreat, A Transformative Method™  her retreats give students necessary tools to hold space for themselves to heal, evolve and be nurtured. Her contemporary offering, The Movement, draws internal passion and pure rhythmic energy into a safe nurturing environment, where the soul meets the soles for an experiential, grounding, sacred, primal, healing class. Movement is taught and then de-constructed to draw your intrinsic ancient wisdom into your physical being.

Join her at ALO Yoga NYC to experience a class, workshop or journey to one of her international retreats for a deeply transformative + centering experience. 

as above, so below