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Online classes are a great way to connect with like minded soul seekers.


Strength is not separate from flexibility.

Mindfulness is not better than movement.

My weekly classes provide the stability you need to find freedom without restriction or being on 𝗔𝗨𝗧𝗢𝗣𝗜𝗟𝗢𝗧.


Get access to 5 classes for only

$8 per class!

Membership perks include: discounts to trainings, workshops, events, and priority with waitlist..

3 Recordings of Classes available via Dropbox.



YOGA for the Nervous System


What's different about this class? 

This 70 minute asana class uses visualization techniques, kriyas, and breath-work to help balance the body's central nervous system. We now live in an age of over-stimulation and hypervigilance. This class resets the mind/body connection to its natural state of inner harmony and universal rhythm. 


$20 (drop-in)

$40 (weekly)

$108 (monthly)

reverse warrior.jpg



Is this a Yoga or Fitness based class?

This class challenges both your aerobic & an-aerobic systems to consciously cultivate agility, strength, and flexibility.Use the weight of your own body to achieve a leaner and healthier physique to create an internal FIRE within your body.


$20 (drop-in)

$40 (weekly)

$108 (monthly)


MOVE & Meditate

SAT - 9:00a - 10:15a EST

Can I take class without prior knowledge?

Meditation is essential for mental and physical well-being. This class combines the ✨essence*✨of Yoga with the ✨soul*✨ of dance in a FUN way. Perfect to do with your kids, as you tap into your 'FLOW' state, and unbound limitless conscious field of intelligence. Roll outta bed, and shake off the stress from the week.


$20 (drop-in)

$40 (weekly)

$108 (monthly)

Live-stream group classes are the new norm. In today's world of unknowns, community and consistency is important.


Don't miss out on these incredibly affordable opportunities for your wellness needs. 


All classes are 60 minutes (unless specified) with notice of *24 hours* in advance for booking.

You will receive a link for our meeting after sign-up. 


Drop- in rates - $20

Weekly rates - $40

*Monthly rates - $108*

Monthly rates - $125 

Member perks for my monthly subscriptions with agreement, includes:

- unlimited access to all classes
- reduced rates on all trainings, workshops, events
-  complimentary monthly downloads
- priority on waitlist
- $50 coupon off a private yoga session
- 3 Free Class Cards for Friends + Family - must be redeemed by new  students*

 *$108 Exclusive Memberships are a 3-month minimum agreement for a 
Monthly Unlimited Class Membership.*


Monthly rate without agreement available at $125

*Classes are non-transferable/non-refundable. Cancellations/no-shows/ poor-connection forfeit payment*


Thank you for your intuitive words.

 For me they activated the healing, wholing, and kindness of the practice.  I

think you have a real gift for it, and in my experience the only people who have that kind of power are those who have agreed to carry forth their unique gift into the world.

Nathaniel Dolquist, Actor -  Actors' Equity Association

Nikki’s beautiful practice has been a wonderful gift to our staff. We were able to open up her class to hundreds of staff across the country virtually and this gave people who don’t normally have access to these workshops an opportunity to experience the restoration and wellness that comes from these methods. Our staff work with individuals who face social and economic hardship. It is rewarding work but can be emotionally challenging. Nikkis class infuses our day with vitality so we can become connected to our purpose and be revitalized for ourselves and our work. 

Antonia Cove, Managing Director - America Works


You are a wonderful teacher, and I feel very at peace in your classes.

Christian Hubert, Architect/Designer/Professor - Parsons School of Design


Since I have met Nikki in March 2020, I have taken her Zoom classes about three times a week. This did not only deepen my yoga practice but my self knowledge and self awareness. She teaches more than yoga, the most valuable lesson being to really listen to what my body needs.

What happens on the mat reflects in my life and vice versa. She helped me become more conscious of my body, my emotions and my shadow, accepting everything and moving through. Movement has become an entire part of my routine thanks to her precious teachings. She is so knowledgeable and shares without holding. She also gave me a precious gift: a mantra, that accompanies me in the beautiful as well as rainy days.

Thank you, Nikki

Justine Muraccioli  - Netherlands

I can’t even begin to tell you how I was blown away I was. Nikki is so passionate, so honest, so raw and informative.

She dives deeply and takes the time to truly explain what each pose or chakra is .

She teaches us to love ourselves and our bodies and be patient...and how yoga isn’t about just coming to the mat but it’s about “living it day to day” . That’s true yoga. I was so inspired by her . She took time after class to spend another 1/2 hour just chatting with me more and diving deeply and answering my questions. You can tell yoga is love to her; it isn’t just about being robotic and doing a class . If you can take a class with her, I promise you won’t regret it. I’m so excited and looking forward to my next class.

You’re phenomenal Nikki.

Alina Thomas - NYC


Nikki teaches with a generosity of heart, soul, and spirit. With Nikki, I'm experiencing a seismic shift in my practice and moving into something much more expansive than a 'check the box' yoga class. Nikki shares her extensive knowledge as she guides students toward multi-dimensional, meaningful, and exploratory practices, resulting in greater clarity on and off the mat. She is truly special. 

Jessica K.  -  NYC