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Why Mentorship?

Mentors serve as lighthouses.

The role of a mentor is to shine as a beacon of light, guiding others to elevate and find their own inner light. This signature program does just that through spiritual and creative transformation.

Nikki's mentorship provides professional artistic tools and guided spiritual wisdom with signature methodology. Mentees experience 6 months of relevant, applicably modern techniques to ancient teachings. A deeply profound self-study, Svādhyāya, during this time helps ignite dormant creative energy and invokes an unveiling of one's true Sankalpa, desire|intention|will. 

  1. Work-study/work-trades are available.

  2. Partial scholarships are given to those needing aid.

  3. Option to apply to the Movement Training after 6 months.

  4. Certificate of completion is available via PDF for your records.

  5. Apprenticeships are given to those wanting to become trainers.

Image by Nicolas Hoizey

The Art of Awakening

is the path to Self-Mastery.

I close my eyes to Awaken and meet the truest version of myself. NB

Self-Mastery is available to us all.

This proven program bridges 20 years of practicing yogic sciences, intuitive healing arts, cognitive behavioral therapy, and spatial awareness, cultural spiritual practices, sound and movement. 

The Rubin.JPG
White Pillars

Master your Business

Master your Mind

Master your Fears

Master your Time

Master your Love-life

Master your Personal Goals

Master your Personal Well-Being

Master you Financial Freedom

Master your Success

Master your Relationships

Master Nothing & Everything


Aligns Consciousness
Liberates the Mind
Fosters Joy
Evokes Happiness
Expands Perspective
Connects to Nature
Connects to Source

Is Financially Rewarding
Is Emotionally Grounding
Loves Unconditionally
Releases Emotional Intelligence
Enhances Intuition
Demonstrates Love in Action


To Awaken is a Conscious Choice.

First, we must Consciously Awaken to our fullest, truest, most unapologetic self.

Then, we can embody and lead ourselves with grace on the path to Self-Mastery.

Conscious Awakening_edited.jpg


to create a successful business

to love myself

to travel and create memories

to thrive

to break the glass ceiling

to feel fulfilled in ALL areas of my life

to stop apologizing

to discover myself

to have a steady mindful practice

to get the root of me

to heal myself

to believe in myself

to love myself

to level-up

to be heard

to see myself

to create a nurturing environment for myself

for MORE

Simple FAQ message, the abbreviation for Frequently Asked Questions, handwritten outdoors

Maybe you've tried:

- talk therapy

- coaching

- seminars

- pod-casts

- plant medicine

- journaling

- crystal healing

- reiki

- Yoga Teacher Training


to try to balance everything... make sense of it all. 

Erica Marcano, MS ATC, CSCS

Are you:

- self-sabotaging

- experiencing millennial burnout

- starting a new career path

- beginning again

- beginning

- artistically inclined

- an entrepreneur

- looking to create ME Time

- a working parent/guardian

- healing from separation/divorce

- grieving loss

- a curious person

- seeking deeper answers

- spiritually inclined

- nutritionally healthy

- emotionally aware


Pink Lotus Flower
Lotus Pose


Nikki's thoughtfully curated programming was presented to me from a yogic perspective...she helped me work through boundaries and "non-negotiables" in other aspects of my life.


She was never concerned if we veered off-topic due to what had come up in my life that week, and this fluidity really helped me feel comfortable...

Ganesha is the vortex of energy known as the Remover of Obstacles on our path.

Are you ready to remove the obstacles on yours?

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