"One who heals the self also heals ancestors."

Nikki Baksh:the Movement©  


Transformative + Sacred Healing Arts Workshops

For Your Mind, Body, & Soul 

(available as International workshops & by private request)**

What is The Movement?

Nikki Baksh: the Movement© is a transformative healing arts method using mantras, meditations + kriyas from  yoga  - fused with specifically formatted non-linear movements, allowing the body to release stagnant + dormant energy to transform for healing.

These simple yet profound techniques I've created, draw attention inward, creating awareness + insight to bring vitality to the mind/body temple.



Workshops + classes provide a sacred space for breath, healing and freedom to collectively meet. 

There are no mirrors, no judgment, no right or wrong way to move, be or feel.

Men, women, transgender - all are welcome to explore wholeness in a safe nurturing environment.

This sacred space is open to all to dress + express fully.

Let go of what you think you know. 
Let the inward journey begin.

Om Shanti.

The Divine Feminine 

Cherry Blossoms

Are you wanting to create or have:
a new life?
a business?

healthy body/mind connections?

healthy weight?
freedom to travel?

Has #quarantine thrown you into a series of unknowns questioning yourself, your life, your purpose, your job, family, relationships, others, the planet?


Then this 3-week workshop is meant for you. 




















You are not alone.

You have support.

You CAN create the life you truly want.





This female-only* workshop series is designed to unleash divine sacred feminine energy (Shakti).

The sacral chakra, svadishthana, is the origin of creation for all beings.
It governs our likes and dislikes, our fluidity, sensuality and sexuality, our ability to manifest the life we want, and to heal the aspects of ourselves that no longer serve.

In this workshop, you will be invited to explore an intimate relationship with yourself, through thought-provoking questions, guided feminine movement, meditation, mantra, and freedom of exploration.

Get ready to explore ALL of the aspects of your incredible divine feminine being. Discover what's been holding you back, and find community with like-minded goddesses.




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*Space is limited*

To maintain intimacy, create community and connection, there will be a limit to workshop size. Reservations are first come first served. Please email me with any questions you may have.


*Workshops are non-transferable. 

Cancellations/no-shows/ poor-connection forfeit payment*






























NOTE: At the moment, this workshop is not open to beings identifying with the male gender. This is not to exclude anyone, but rather to encourage the empowerment of women to awaken the divine feminine within. Please know there will be* an upcoming workshop in the future that will be open to all*.


In this workshop series, you will shift your energy from:

Old Conditioning

  • doubt

  • shame

  • rigidity

  • insecurity

  • dogma

  • image/ body dismorphia


  • active dominance

New Rewiring

  • knowing

  • honor

  • fluidity

  • security

  • open mindedness

  • radical acceptance


  • loving vulnerability