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Nikki Baksh:The Movement


Transformative + Sacred Healing Arts Workshops For Your Mind, Body, & Soul 

(available as International workshops & by private request)**

"He who heals himself, heals his ancestors."

What is The Movement?

Nikki Baksh: the Movement is a transformative healing arts method using mantras, meditations + kriyas from  yoga  - fused with specifically formatted non-linear movements, allowing the body to release stagnant + dormant energy to transform for healing.

These simple yet profound techniques I've created, draw attention inward, creating awareness + insight to bring vitality to the mind/body temple.



Workshops + classes provide a sacred space for breath, healing and freedom to collectively meet. 

There are no mirrors, no judgment, no right or wrong way to move, be or feel.

Men, women, transgender - all are welcome to explore wholeness in a safe nurturing environment.

This sacred space is open to all to dress + express fully.

Let go of what you think you know. 
Let the inward journey begin.

Om Shanti.