Experience elevated wellness and 'journey into the deeper realms of the self.'

Transcend your senses and Move through Yoga, Dance,and Stillness.

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The Movement

Designed to move dormant Energy, ignite inner Fire, and inspire creative Passion, Nikki has artfully weaved Yogic Sciences into her Signature offerings: The Movement™

Move through VINYASA

Move through DANCE

Move through STILLNESS

MOVE your energy, fire & passion to bring awareness & insight into everyday life. These signature classes reflect the unlimited infinite potential we can experience in human form. Using tools from yoga science, dance mechanics, and sound vibration, expect to transcend your 5 senses! 


An open heart and mind are all you need for each offering. No experience necessary. No mirrors, no judgment, no right or wrong way to move, be or feel. All are welcome.



Nikki Baksh is in a league of her own. ​Her energy, physical prowess, drive, and passion to drive others is unparalleled. Her enthusiasm is infectious and she makes you want to work. Nikki Baksh is one of the best.

- Allison Hagendorf - Official Host of Times Square New Year's Eve 

Third Eye


 Nikki's embodied presence is a reminder, that the divine is inherent in all beings and accessible through the human form.


- Sarah Platt Finger - Private teacher to Dr. Deepak Chopra Co-Founder of ISHTA Yoga -

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Whether you're working on:

  • sculpting long lean muscles

  • arm balances & inversions

  • silencing the inner critic

  • increasing breathwork

  • Dharma sessions (guidance)

  • Vinyasa sequencing

  • Kriya meditation

  • Movement & Music

  • vibrational alignment (sound baths)

  • personal development

  • Spiritual Breakthroughs

1-1 Sessions are individually curated for your specific needs. Find your recipe for balance + inner alignment through Yoga.

Vinyasa for the Nervous System

Whether you need help with flexibility like model, Daiane Sodre, or are looking to enhance your practice, 1-1 privates are uniquesly curated for your needs.
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Movement is a soothing, natural, and cultural way of life for many. This transformative healing arts method uses movement, dance, and kriyas from yoga science, fused with specifically formatted breath work to release stagnant + dormant energy blocks.

Even though Nikki was a professional dancer, you don't need to be! This signature class blends native Trinidadian roots & rhythms with 20 years of professional artistic experience.

As an artist, dancer, and meditation teacher, this uniquely blended class ends with a guided cool down and savasana.


The Movement®

Dance is a ancient medicinal practice spanning multiple cultures and genres. 1-1 privates are uniquely curated for you to move in ways that are specific for you.
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Move through Stillness

The stillness of movement is the presence of awakening. When we still the mind, we can reflect

Vritti - mental chatter, creating false narratives, belief patterns




Citta - consciousness.

With regular practice and sound healing instruments, we can create a hypnagogic state using Kriya Meditation and Crystal Singing Bowls. Start here. Start now. To open the mind, requires us to first still it.

Meditations & Sound Bath Sessions with 432Hz Crystal Quartz

Stillness is the gateway to genius. It can seem challenging to still the mind completely. Having a dedicated practice through Kriya techniques, gets you there easefully. Still the mind to reflect the absence of thoughts. Increase your health insurance with the ancient science of Meditation.
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Tell me about the Movement

Energy is neither created nor destroyed and is in motion even at perceived rest. Whether experienced through sensory perception of the five senses or experienced through formless states - emotional intelligence, intuition and insight - human beings are energy in motion. Each being has a unique recipe for alignment and balance. When we stimulate dormant and stuck energy within the physical vessel, we can prevent and even reverse the effects of dis-ease, illness, and energetic imbalances. 

Movement and the expressive arts has long been linked to consciousness, healing, vitality, and an overall elevated state of well-being.

By yoking ancient kriya techniques with artfully curated meditation, this unique method offers an opportunity to choose between conscious movement or conscious stillness of body. This signature methodology, collectively named: the Movement™ creates a transformative freeing experience where non-linear movement, choreographed movement, and stillness co-exist.

Human beings are non-linear both in form and formless states. Nikki Baksh: the Movement™ embraces and transcends limited perceptions to experience expansion and liberation through the embodiment of Yoga Science in boldly executed ways.

We are not separate from the divine. The divine is inherent in all beings. Let's discover how the embodiment of MOVEMENT

in all forms can empower the divine in you.

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MOVE through...



Vinyasa for the Nervous System:

is an invitation to experience the practice of yoga with expansion & liberation.

With a tantric approach to the practice, the "end-goal" of this practice is to help one tap into what most resonates and nourishes each individual.


Some may need a more rigorous approach, while others may need a restorative based approach in the same class. There is no one size fits all when it comes to individual balance. 

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 the MOVEMENT through You 

What is it like to experience the Movement?

Truly, this class, named after the series THE MOVEMENT™, is indescribable. We often label and categorize so much of life, boxing us into a singular perception of our reality. The Movement® is an expansive approach to applying universal wisdom, yogic science, and individual experiences into a liberating and transcendental lifestyle. 


The human form is designed for movement. Movement truly is medicinal, because the allows the molecules of emotion that interface with human and unbound consciousness to travel to and through the form of human body. This approach to healing becomes an elevated integrated experience with the application of specifically curated kriya techniques, pranayama breathing exercises, and guided visualization.

This tantric approach releases the need for perfection, accuracy, "end-goals," and 'lessens the grip' on comparison. Designed to include ALL levels of curious-minded dance lovers, all you need is an open heart and a willing mind.

Video: Neville Braithwaite | Owner of NB Studios NY

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Benefits of MOVEMENT  

DANCE has been proven to:

  • improve cardio-vascular function

  • enhance long and short-term memory

  • reduce stress and anxiety

  • increase stamina and flexibility

  • evoke joy and happiness

  • reverse signs leading to dementia

  • reduce weight

  • build lean muscle tone

  • enhance motor-skills

  • move stagnant subtle energy

  • boost energy levels

  • balance mood swings

Third Eye

My Movement Journey

The Movement™ was birthed from the darkest period in my life. Just as a lotus blooms in the mud, in darkness, it was within my darkest moments, that I learned to UNLEARN years of mental, emotional, and physically abusive traumas. 


Through this period, what I once separated - my practice and my artistry - united and became one. It is as if missing pieces found each other, and the marriage between Kriya techniques, ISHTA Yoga, and my artistic choreographies became became my own version of beautiful Kintsugi.

Not only was The MOVEMENT™ my saving grace, but it has also become my truest ally. I meet the most incredible aspects of myself through this practice. I hope, that you too will meet and unite the various parts to your wholeness. 

 -Nikki Baksh-

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the MOVEMENT training 


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