White Cream

the Movement

"He who heals himself, heals his ancestors."

Elevated wellness.

Invoking pure consciousness + awareness into every moment of your being; thus, living in constant 5D.  

This transformative healing arts method uses movement, dance, and kriyas from yoga science, fused with specifically formatted breath work. This allows the body to release stagnant + dormant energy for healing.

These simple yet profound techniques I've created, draw attention inward, creating awareness + insight to bring vitality to the mind/body temple.


Workshops + classes provide a sacred space for true inner explorations. There are no mirrors, no judgment, no right or wrong way to move, be or feel.

Where breath, healing, and freedom meet. 

No mirrors, no judgment, just you in your

wholeness in a safe nurturing environment. 

Men, women, transgender - all are welcome.

Open levels - sacred space - dress to express yourself.

Now let the inward journey begin.
























Nikki Baksh: the Movement  is an innovative transformative healing arts method.

As a former professional dancer with over 2 decades of wellness experience, this format is unlike anything you have experienced.

Dance has been a sacred healing modality for centuries.

My method takes specific meditation techniques, then guides participants to express the embodiment of the meditations through movement.

Different from ecstatic dancing. 

Different from a traditional yoga or dance class.

Let go of what you think you know. 
Let the inward journey begin.

Om Shanti.


NIKKI BAKSH: the Movement 


Transformative + Sacred Healing Arts Journeys

For Your Mind, Body & Soul 

(available as International workshops & by private request)**


This was my Personal Journey...


These ancient meditations were passed unto me...

Movement and the expressive arts has long been linked to consciousness and spiritual practices.

We can see how new forms of dance has emerged from ecstatic dancing to guided somatic practices.

By yoking the ancient purification techniques of kriyas with meditation, my unique method allows the individual to take non-linear movements taught in add-on format, making the experience transformative, freeing, and personalized while still in community.

What's the difference?

Simple "choreography" serves as a necessary container for transformation to occur. Energy without containment is chaos. This is the  main difference between formalized dance classes, ecstatic dancing, clubbing, or free form movement. 


The  entire practice of The Movement becomes a ritualized yoking of conscious awakening for the individual. Thus, from the beginning of class, a well rounded  experience of breath work, meditation, and specific movements  aligns the student to release blockages and balance body, mind, and spirit.