Expand Your Conscious Movement

Movement Training

Are you ready to learn the ART of MOVEMENT?

Dance and Movement Arts is transformative.


Have you ever noticed that artists close their eyes when they are performing?

Have you ever wondered why? 


To connect within is to feel* the very life force that is orchestrating the universal intelligence of all creation. Learn technical skills, spatial awareness, proprioception, and and mastery of the subtle forces in this in-depth training.  

Let’s MOVE  Together

Many times in when we experience a Yoga Teacher Training program, we are often left without sufficient tools for our journey, because we have only just begun. What happens to most of us, is the beginning* of unearthing our raw shadow selves, which start to peek at us in YTT begin to surface at the same time our light is beginning to feel seen, heard, and accepted. This duality is at the essence of Svad-yaya for the lifelong practitioner of Yoga. For many trainees, they may have already experienced shadows within their daily lives and YTT is a gateway to accessing tools to cope, understand, and deal with this duality. Until duality is embraced, and the true Eastern understanding of what Tantra (expansion + liberation) truly means, a linear lifestyle approach can happen with even the most dedicated practitioner. Dedication in itself is attachment, and attachment is a linear construct.

Are you ready to lead the way & become a living  example? 

Then, this training is for you.

Leading others, means taking conscious responsibility and accountability for our own healing. Learn how:

  • colors

  • sounds

  • hand positions

  • music + dance

  • physical + spatial awareness

  • body mechanics

  • anatomy

  • proprioception + coordination

  • Yoga Science & philosophy

  • Ayurveda

  • Tantra

Applicants interested in attending Nikki Baksh: the Movement® Training are encouraged to apply here.

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