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Healing and TRUE alchemy happens when* we are brave enough to ask the *necessary* questions.

What's the difference between a being a Light House and being a Light Worker?

Essentially, we are both, but specifically growth from one to the other is evolutionary.

A Lighthouse is a state of BEING, where our steadiness, ease, grace, and calmness are a result of the dedication to Karmic Clean-up. This karmic โ€œclean-upโ€ often involves growth so deep, it requires us to step away from the safety of the shore-line. Thus, the work means we become light workers, finding our inner like amidst the darkness within our being. Venturing into the vast ocean of questions, experiencing introspection, and embracing both unconscious and conscious energy requires a path of true dedication. It is not for the faint hearted, nor is it a path that is negotiable. Once we are beckoned by our own spirit to delve into the deeper realms of ourselves, the peeling of layers which no longer serve become crucial and is a surrendering to infinite exponential growth.

Photography by Nikki Baksh

Water represents fluidity, and governs our likes and dislikes, our pleasures and pain, our sensuality and sacred sexuality, and our ability to easily go with the flow of life. Water relates to the second chakra in Yoga Science and is at the very essence of our creativity and manifestation. However, we cannot truly create the life we wish to live, until we are willing to go within and study ourselves.

As Rumi said,

Study yourself and you will know the Divine.

But what does that have to do with being a lighthouse or light worker?

What does the ocean represent in regards to light?

The more we become consciously aware of what we want, like, deserve, and what brings us pleasure and contentment beyond the senses, the more our light expands. The brighter our light shines and expands, the more we can shed and become light for ourselves first and then for others. Becoming a lighthouse, first starts with doing the necessary inner work, experiencing the inner alchemy of transformation, and asking ourselves to become vulnerable, truthful, and aware of the hidden unknowns within our own being. Going into the ocean of unconscious energy within ourselves brings forth the polarity to consciously expand and experience the subconscious unknowns within our being and connect to the vast array of infinite possibilities in the conscious realm. This is where the work to become light workers commences.

Are you ready to do a deep dive into your ocean of hidden treasures?

A light worker is a being, who practices the deep diving introspection of self-study. This can bring unhealed trauma and unresolved generational issues to our conscious state. During this time, the being may share and lend personal experiences to inform others of their growth. Sharing from the heart is essential; however, there is a level of commiseration that can be associated here. Often times, a light worker may experience a โ€œsavior complex,โ€ thinking that their way is THE way for another to find passage out of dark turmoil.

A Lighthouse, on the other hand, has done enough work on themselves to shine as a beacon without abandoning their station to โ€œsaveโ€ others. After all, if you leave your post in a lighthouse to go save a ship, which is on the verve of crashing on rocks in the darkness, you run the risk of you BOTH drowning. If the light goes out because there is no one in the tower to make sure it is continuously lit, harm, destruction, and devastation can occur.

So here are a few questions to ask yourself:

  • Are you in a state of being a lighthouse or a light worker?

  • Do you know the difference?

  • Are you on your healing journey?

  • Are you drawn to calmness and steadiness?

  • Are you drawn to crowds?

  • Have you craved community, but just canโ€™t seem to find the โ€œrightโ€ fit?

  • Do you find yourself in flow or in flux?

  • Are you prone to introspection?

  • Are you always* seemingly โ€˜busyโ€™?

  • Are you the one people โ€œcount onโ€ and you just canโ€™t seem to say โ€œnoโ€?

  • Are you saying, โ€œNOโ€ to the people/things which you need vs. people/things which you want?

  • Are you asking yourself the right questions?

  • What are the right questions?

There is no one answer to these questions, as there are many paths to self-discovery. While the journey is a solo expedition, finding a supportive, loving, mentor who has walked the path of illuminating darkness and is able to shed LIGHT on things, which can be out of our understanding, reach, and depth, is absolutely essential. During our personal human expedition, we will be challenged to swim in our own muck, in the parts of ourselves that perhaps we once were ashamed of, that parts of ourselves which are residue from Karmic lifetimes. Becoming workers of light means we become the steady, calm, bright lighthouse that is unwavering amidst any darkness. Darkness is an invitation to explore, sit with, and cultivate the LIGHT within us.

So are you ready to do the work to cultivate your light?
Are you ready to learn the Art of becoming a LIGHTHOUSE?

Namasteโ€Šโ€”โ€Šthe light within me, bows to the LIGHT within you.



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