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I was approached to write a blog for The Sankalpa Project (a Canadian brand and company) and was grateful to share my voice on their platform. I asked if there was a specific topic that my writing should be focused upon, and I was elated with the response I was given. I was asked if I could write about grounding, since my instagram posts apparently translate the messages of living oneโ€™s unapologetic truth, while remaining grounded in the plane of human existence where we all physically live, work, play, and practice...the tangible physical real material world.

You see, for the past two years, while I was mending a wounded heart, healing from deep emotional, mental, and physical traumas of childhood molestation, abuse, sexual assault and more, part of my healing focused and directed my energy to be lightโ€”- light hearted, easeful, happy-go-lucky, spontaneous and highly connected to my causal body- the energetic realm, accessing my Akashic records, connecting to a family lineage of seers, prophets, mystics and shamans.Traumas embed and affect the lower chakras. The healing modalities that I needed brought me into more of a Vata constitution and directed me to habituate this space in order for me to energetically heal, staying light yet grounded, and most of all to lead with love and compassion for others, who may also be healing from the same experiences.

Our anahata chakra, the heart center and the vortex of energy which governs balance of our earthly plane and higher spiritual gateway, is also our manifestation gateway.

When we emit love for all of our experiences and focus on the lessons behind each occurrence versus the pain or trauma itself, we allow for the power of transmutation and faster healing to occur. This does not diminish the experience; in fact, it grounds us in the most powerful vibration of quantum physics allowing us to hold space for ourselves and others involved, while actually dealing with the issue at hand AND feeling the feels in all of our human-- Emotions (energies in motion.)

This interpretation of me being โ€œtoo Vataโ€ (head in the clouds) was such a misnomer, as this was such a necessary component of my healing. My teachers all kept telling me to โ€œground,โ€ but what they didnโ€™t know and realize was the heavy weighted reality of what I was experiencing and moving through from my traumas. When someone experiences violence, assault, is silenced, blamed, shamed and guilted, these emotions reside in the lower chakras. To further ground, would lead my causal body temple to be angry, depressed, sad, anxious, aggravated, mistrustful, dubious, and unbalanced. What was perceived, was that I was unbalanced and residing mainly in my upper chakras, based on my cheerful and happy disposition. However, this could not be further from the truth. I was actually more balanced during these past 2 years, while experiencing the healing from such painful traumas. I sometimes glance back in amazement at how possible it isย for every one of us to heal ourselves IF* and WHEN* we are willing to get very messy and really do the work required to move through and with the entire process.

One of the most helpful tools I have personally used to ground are emotional and mental โ€œsecret shifters.โ€ I encourage my students, who embark on the Conscious Awakening Training Methodยฉ, (a 3 month individualized course study of inner transformative healing through the chakras and personal study), to create healthy shifters to elevate their vibrational energy fields during healing. Secret Shifters are things, people, places, or memories/goals that can instantaneously shift your mood from a lower vibrational mood or feeling to instantly feeling love or happiness. This is such an important tool for grounding in the essence and vibration of love.Perhaps, your boss has been abominable towards you, or youโ€™ve been aggravated by your commute. Thinking of your pet, your favorite food or a place youโ€™d like to visit one day cultivates and brings an immediate smile to your face and a lightness to your heart. THIS is a secret shifter.

One of the most instantaneous ways to heal and ground yourself is to think of 3 โ€œgo toโ€ shifters that can raise your casual frequency. Then, stay there and while youโ€™re sitting in traffic or commuting or experiencing the โ€œnegativeโ€ unwanted emotion, focus solely on the secret shifter.This healing method was my saving grace over the past few years of transformation. I made a list of about 10-15 secret shifters in my Conscious Awakeningยฉ healing journal, and then picked the top 3, which became my highest vibrational shifters. My moods drastically changed, my mental and emotional health increased, my tolerance expanded, and I was able to deal and heal with the trauma and past painful experiences, because I was grounded so deeply and fully in the vibration of love.There is so much truth to the saying, We cannot fully love others until we love ourselves. We forget, however, to include the love of duality.

This is what tantra teaches. As a Tantrika, the focus on union of duality evokes the healing vibration of love. Our human nature is to reject the aspects of ourselves that experience pain, darkness, anxiety, sensuality, desire, anything associated with negative connotations. When we learn to fully embrace and accept our present or past painful experiences, such as -โ€” Iโ€™m feeling really angry right now, I still miss someone from my past, that reviewer hurt my feelings, et al. --- we start to rewire our neural pathways into a new way of thinking and healing. This rewiring is called neuroplasticity and allows a transmutation of conscious shifting to occur. Whenever you feel out of your element, imbalanced, ungrounded or need to switch your emotion from negative to positive, try using one of your secret shifters to shift into the balance of love: love of yourself, love for the experience, and love for the lesson that will be learned. From my heart to yours, Nikkiย 

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