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The Artistry of Yoga


Nikki has learned to Master her subtle energies with a unique recipe of Movement, Stillness, Musicality, and Mantra.

This class uses asana, as a gateway to metabolize thoughts, emotions, and feelings, which can derail us from our true nature of unlimited unbounded potential. Use your heat and agni (fire) and reclaim and transform your sovereign inner power into outer grace. 

A lifelong Yogini, with a practice of 20+ years originating in India, Nikki's depth as a teacher is reflected in her wisdom and plethora of varying Yoga Sciences. She has trained extensively 

under distinguished teachers in their respective fields, including:


  • ​Mentorship under Dr. Karen Pechilis Prentiss

  • Internationally Certified E-YRT Yoga and Meditation Teacher ISHTA lineage NYC​ 

    • Alan Finger & Sarah Finger, ISHTA Tantra, Meditation, Marma Workshops

    • Wendy Newton, Tantra of the Yoga Sutras

    • Mona Anand, Ayurveda and Yoga Nidra

  • Reema Datta, Yatri​ 

  • Manorama, Jivamukti 

  • Domenic Savino, Yoga Vida

  • Dana Trixie Flynn, Laughing Lotus

  • Marianne Wells, Really Real Yoga

Nikki Baksh is a masterful teacher.

Integrated with humor, compassion, and grace, Nikki's class is like a journey into the deeper realms of the self. Her embodied presence is a reminder, that the divine is inherent in all beings and accessible through the human form.

-Sarah Platt Finger-

Director of Yoga @Chopra | Co-Founder ISHTA Yoga

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