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NYC Classes

Classes designed for Urban Warriors

Specifically designed to challenge the physical body + balance the mind, both classes incorporate mantra, movement, love + acceptance.

Change your perspective & you'll change your life!


** Spaces are limited!

Reservations advised for your session**


FALL  GIFT --  50% OFF 1st class!
usually $20
- Discount for1st time clients only -

** Rental mats available for $2 **

All Sales Final. Cancellations forfeit payment. Classes are non-refundable/non-transferable


the Spiritual Warrior

A dynamic fiery class to balance your physical body + your higher consciousness.

FALL  GIFT -- usually $20
- Discount for1st time clients only -

50% OFF

FALL  GIFT -- usually $20
- Discount for1st time clients only -

OBS Passion:

the Passionate Warrior

A Tantric Approach to Chakra Balancing through Movement Meditation: Balance your inside + outside in a fun, creative, powerful & passionate way.

Conscious Awakening:

Monthly Satsang + Community Event

This community event is designed to bring together like minded individuals seeking balance, mindfulness, truth and connection in a safe environment within NYC.


From my brand Organic Body Sculpting©, OBS Fire uses the weight of your own body to purify your physical & mental threshold. It is designed as an intense physical workout combining core strength, agility training, isometrics, cardio, mantras, music and affirmations to detoxify and elevate the SPIRITUAL WARRIOR of your highest self.​




Tuesdays  6 - 6:55p

12 St. Mark's Pl. /Studio 3F

*MUST email ASAP to PRE-serve*

* Discount for 1st time clients ONLY*

** Limited rental mats are available for $2 **




















Becoming a passionate warrior simply means having the courage to dig deep and accept yourself fully as you are. 

This is what makes you a warrior - courage :)


Using the tools of sacred sounds like Om (mantra), circular movements (like arm circles), we are able to balance the various vortexes of energy (chakras) within our mind + body through various shapes (poses). 


Because we live in NYC, the constant over stimulation can cause blockages of our natural free flowing energetic pathways. This class is specifically designed to rebalance  those pathways of the body, mind and central nervous system on and off the mat.


One thing to note: You never have to do anything I say! :)

This is your release....the place for you to feel empowered and make the choices that you need to find the balance within you. If you need child's pose, rest, instead of movement, take child's pose as LONG and as MUCH as you need. This is tantra ---accepting what you need and honoring it without shame.


Come have fun + reconnect with the pure essence of your love + passion :)



OBS  Passion

Tuesdays  7:05 - 8:00p

12 St. Mark's Pl. /Studio 3F

**MUST email ASAP to PRE-serve**

** Rental mats are available for $2 **






50% OFF

Definition - What does Satsang mean?


Satsang is a Sanskrit term meaning “being in the company of the truth” or “right association," and refers to a group of like-minded people who engage in a mindful dialogue.


The root words, sat and sanga, mean "true" and "community," respectively; therefore, satsang may also be thought of as friendship or relationship with the truth itself.

On an esoteric level, satsang is associated with the inner quality of sattva (goodness or purity). Sattva manifests as thoughtfulness, knowledge, peace and contemplation. A sattvic person makes a natural  "seeker of truth."

Conscious Awakening Community

Satasang + Mix


Monthly last Tuesday of the month:

9 - 10p

12 St. Mark's Pl. /Studio 3F

*MUST email for reservation*

Come meet members in the community. Mix, mingle, share, connect, BYOTea :)

Born in Trinidad and raised in New York City, Nikki's artistic soul breathes life into her passions for dance, choreography, art, acting, & teaching as a whole. Her passion for life and her adventurous spirit are brought together by her desire for constant growth.  Nikki's work expresses the human experience in it's most raw, brilliant, honest form. Her professional background as one of NYC's leading teachers breathed life into creating a need for balance, preservation, and restoration within herself.


In 2009, she created her own unique brand, Organic Body Sculpting® & in 2012, she received her YTT in Costa Rica. Nikki’s double major in Theatre & Comparative Religions, allow for her to educate & guide students to transcend ego and gently return to pure  consciousness, love & our eternal spiritual beings. She currently teaches private clientele and dynamic classes New York City. Besides being a professional performer and artist, Nikki's certifications include: 

  • International 500+ Certified YOGA Teacher ISHTA lineage NYC + Marianne Well's, Costa Rica

  • Yatri Training Module 1 (Yoga for Emotional Healing - Reema Datta)

  • Anti-Gravity Yoga (Chris Harrison)

  • Yoga Essentials I & II

  • AFAA: Primary Group Fitness

  • NIKE: Training Club Instructor

  • LES MILLS: Body Combat/ CX Worx, 

  • NESTA: Personal Training

  • SCHWINN: Indoor Cycling

  • Golden Hearts: Senior Fitness

  • Urban Rebounding 

  • Stress Gets Personal Course

  • Organic, Natural and Healthy Course

  • CPR/AED certified