Consciously Mindful Virtual Workshops

May 9th, 2021


Celebrating Mothers + Care Takers

A Workshop Dedicated to the Women in our Lives

No human would be born without women. On the day before Mother's Day is officially celebrated and recognized, I invite you to honor the feminine energy inside of yourself.​

As we embark on a practice to honor the Mother energy of Mother Earth, sustaining, nourishing, and renewing us, we will also honor the feminine energies of care takers, guardians, mothers, aunts, and all women who have significantly impacted our lives.

Want to practice with your mom, aunt, guardian or simply honor a significant woman in your life -- past or present--- then come to this empowering and uplifting practice.

The divine feminine in me honors the divine feminine in you!

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Reg Rate: $30  / with Kids: $35✨

Sunday 9th, May - 10:00a - 11:30am EST

Summer Solstice: Monday 21st, June

reserve via waitlist 


No Mud, No Lotus

A Summer Solstice Workshop to ignite our FIRE

SUMMER ignites our heat, our fire, our internal Passion


 This workshop invites us to renew our seeds of intention planted from our Winter Solstice Workshop, and BURN anything that has been holding us back.


This fiery practice will ignite the agni within and align us for the next 6 months of the year. Take the action of what you want to create in life into our own hands.

The introduction of kriyas and visualization techniques will then be introduced, as we shift into preparing the body  to balance the nervous system. As we take a series of postures to release and open the energetic pathways of the nervous system, your entire being will start to become embedded with limitless unbound potential.

We'll invite spaciousness into our hearts and light into our physical body as we move forward into the rebirth of this season. This ritual of intention setting (Sankalpa)  is an ancient tradition. We'll connect inward to our pure conscious divine intelligence with a 90 minute energizing, yet grounding flow.

Reservations ONLY through waitlist


✨Reg Rate: $25✨ 

Monday 21st, June

6:30pm - 7:55pm EST


Please feel free to reach out with any questions you may have.


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