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Yoga Science meets Artistry

Join us on this journey to heal and rejuvenate your nervous system through the chakras, and discover a deeper sense of balance, peace, and well-being. Explore the 7 subtle fields of energy centers, The Chakra System, through the lens of The Arts. Are you ready to embark on this colorful journey of self-discovery and renewal?

The Path of Healing:
Artistry of the Chakras


Nikki Baksh is a masterful teacher of yoga.

Her knowledge of body mechanics blended with her insight into the subtle realm, creates an experience that is both illuminating and empowering.

Nikki’s class is like a journey into the deeper realms of the self, integrated with humor, compassion, and grace.

Her embodied presence is a reminder that the divine is inherent in all beings and accessible through the human form.



- Sarah Platt Finger -

Director of Yoga @Chopra


Nikki Baksh and Sarah Platt Finger

Tanoti = expansion | Trayate = liberation

TANTRA = To be liberated is to feel expansion

Samoa nature

let your inner ARTIST
                    meet your inner GURU.


Immerse yourself in the transformative journey of The Chakras. Discover a one-of-a-kind fusion of yoga philosophy, artistic expression, and profound Kriya techniques designed to ignite inner transformation and spiritual evolution. Grounded in ancient Tantra & Kriya systems, this class dives deep into the essence of yoga to bring harmony and equilibrium to every aspect of your being.



Invitation to Transformation:


Step into a realm where your artistic creativity intertwines with the wisdom of yoga philosophy, unlocking deep healing and self-discovery. Embrace a safe and nurturing space where you can explore your inner landscape and transcend personal boundaries. In this transformative course, Nikki combines her background in dance, yoga, and holistic wellness with her Caribbean heritage to offer a unique approach to healing. Participants will embark on a sacred journey of inner exploration and transformation through guided meditations, sound healing, artistic expression, and yoga postures tailored to each chakra.



Inclusive Approach:


Led by Nikki Baksh®, a seasoned expert in both yoga and the arts, this course welcomes individuals of all backgrounds and levels of experience. Dive into explorations of the subtle body, prompting philosophical discourse, and empowering you to find your unique expression within the practice.



Organic Fusion of Artistry and Wellness:


Experience the seamless blend of artistic expression, music, mantra, and dance with traditional yoga practices, empowering you to tap into your innate creativity and spiritual essence. Begin each session with a grounding meditation, followed by dynamic asana sequences infused with artistic flair.



Freedom of Expression:


Express yourself freely with creative attire and dynamic movements, cultivating authenticity and self-awareness on the mat. Create a supportive environment where you can connect with your emotions and unleash your creativity.




Who Should Attend:


  • Practitioners in the healing arts field, who desire to offer their clients additional healing tools

  • Yogis seeking to deepen their practice through artistic exploration

  • Artists looking to infuse mindfulness and spirituality into their creative journey

  • Those new to yoga, seeking healing and a profound path of self-discovery and personal growth





Experience the transformative artistic approach to understanding the true purpose of yoga practice infused with creative expression. This program promotes mental flexibility, strength, and clarity. Each lesson will leave you feeling uplifted, inspired, and deeply connected to yourself and others. By the end of this certification program, you will be able to teach, share, and infuse various healing modalities into your work and daily life. 






"Artistry of the Chakras by Nikki Baksh®" and embark on a journey of inner exploration, creative expression, and spiritual awakening. Note: 30 Credits will be granted and can be applied towards The Movement Teacher Training Certification upon successful completion.



Heal-THY Self

grid questionaire
  • You want to learn more about Yoga, and don't want to do a teacher training

  • You want to learn more about Yoga from an artistic standpoint

  • You're ready to create a new beginning for yourself 

  • You want to offer additional tools to support your clients

  • You're ready to empower yourself and others


  • You're creative

  • You're ready to think out of the box

  • You're ready to meet the energy of subtle forces within you

  • You're ready to dive into the emotional currents of your inner realm deeply


  • You're ready to heal your relationship with your body and your past

  • You're intuitive and need more tools

  • You currently feel stuck in your healing journey

  • You desire to belong to a community rooted in empowerment


  • You want to learn more about the chakra system

  • You desire to move more authentically within your life

  • You're starting a new business and need more intuitive direction

  • You're a yoga teacher and want to deepen your understanding of the chakras, movement, and fluidity to heal your relationship with your body & spirit 

Why This Course?

Samoan nature

This integrative journey invites a lifestyle of Artistry and Healing with grace and creativity.


Explore 7 Modules in this course:


  • 50+ informative and visually stunning artistically educational videos

  • 30 total hours that are self-paced and nourishing

  • 7+ Chakra workbook assessments

  • 7+ Chakra healing exercises

  • 7+ Chakra-based Yoga asana education

  • 7+ Chakra Kriya mantras

  • 7+ Sound Healing sessions

  • access to guided visual meditations based on the Chakra System

  • option to access on-demand archives and additional online practices

  • weekly Asana-specific practices (optional attendance)

  • weekly Meditation practices (optional)

  • group chat to maintain community and accountability

  • free pdf downloads 

  • The course is taught in English 

  • Certificate issued upon total completion



Whether you're a seasoned yogi, a creative soul, or simply seeking greater balance and harmony in your life, ๐—ง๐—ต๐—ฒ ๐—”๐—ฟ๐˜๐—ถ๐˜€๐˜๐—ฟ๐˜† ๐—ผ๐—ณ ๐—ง๐—ต๐—ฒ ๐—–๐—ต๐—ฎ๐—ธ๐—ฟ๐—ฎ๐˜€ by ๐—ก๐—ถ๐—ธ๐—ธ๐—ถ ๐—•๐—ฎ๐—ธ๐˜€๐—ต® offers a sacred space to unlock the transformative power of the chakras and unleash your truest expression of vitality and artistry.






I took this course, because I had a curiosity: what does artistry have to do with chakras? Whether we realize it or not, we all live through artistry. We talk, we sing , we hum, and we all have a “Throat Chakra." Imagine the benefit of understanding them all!


This course had a lasting impact on my life. Now, as I go through my daily life, with all my feelings, whether physical or emotional, I immediately, and almost unconsciously, remember what I learned. I can understand the root cause. I can use the tools to change the mood, improve the physical, and heal the spirit.

As someone, …like many, …I think, who want to live well, to enjoy a healthy wellbeing in body, mind and spirit, this course matters to me. This course is a “must have” and a “must do” for all. It can  benefit just about everyone. We all have chakras; we all live through artistry. The connection is in this course.

I am grateful that I found a course that meets my simple, easy lifestyle, it being the one that I can most readily incorporate into my daily life. Easy to understand! Well explained!

Gloria Christina, Grandmother & Aviation Specialist

Samoan nature

This Course Will Help You:

  • Relate to where sound lands in your body

  • Express emotional awareness & intelligence 

  • Express your needs, wants, and desires 

  • Move your mind and body to a place of stillness, where things can settle and clarity can arise

  • Find peace and autonomy within your being

  • Understand the chakra system as a whole

  • Understand the chakra system in relation to your physical & emotional body

  • Understand your past patterns and emotional wounds

  • Gain valuable tools and skills to support your journey in healing your relationship with your body and emotions

  • Break away from old patterning keeping you stuck in habitual thoughts and behaviors

  • Move from rigidity to fluidity

  • Become empowered with daily affirmations and guided meditations

  • Understand why and how childhood traumas have created a loop in your life

  • Understand which chakra(s) might need attention when feeling out of balance and know how to bring them back into balance

  • Gain compassion and understanding for the people in your life, by understanding them through their own chakra imbalances

  • Begin to create the life you truly desire to live

  • Take conscious responsibility and accountability for your own healing

  • Learn how to integrate a lifestyle of Artistry and Healing through:

    • colors

    • sounds

    • music + dance

    • sensuality

    • vocal practice

    • physical + spatial awareness

    • body mechanics

    • anatomy

    • proprioception + coordination

    • Yoga Science & Philosophy

    • the Chakra System

    • Tantra

Course Content Incudes:

chakras and the buddha



  • Sound Healing: 7 Videos

Explore the transformative power of sound therapy in balancing and activating the chakras.


  • Musical Notes: 7 Videos

Learn how specific musical notes correspond to each chakra and can be used to enhance energetic alignment.


  • Bija Mantras: 7 Videos

Discover the sacred seed sounds associated with each chakra and their profound effects on consciousness.


  • Guided Visual Meditations: 7 Videos

Immerse yourself in guided visualizations designed to awaken and balance the energy centers within.


  • Chakra Exercises: 7 Assignments 

Engage in practical exercises aimed at deepening your connection to each chakra and promoting holistic well-being.


  • Yoga Postures for Each Chakra: 7 Videos

Discover yoga asanas tailored to the unique qualities of each chakra, promoting physical strength, flexibility, and energetic flow.


  • Quizzes at the End of Each Section: Required for Certificate

Test your knowledge and understanding of the material covered in each section, reinforcing your learning and integration of the concepts presented.


  • Bonus Content: 7 Sattvic Practices for All Levels

Optional practices include Chair Yoga, Sculpt & Tone, Myofascial Practices, and more!


  • 30 Hours: Suggested times may vary based on individual practices

This course is intended for you to honor yourself. Some people may complete the course in a shorter or longer amount of time.

The Magic of This Course:

The Rubin Meditation

Do you feel like you are stuck in a loop?

Have you been shamed, silenced, and unheard?

Are you exhausted from constantly trying to figure things out?

Do you desire to elevate your business, life, or family, but things just aren’t clicking?

Are you creatively inclined but lack time to do what brings you joy? 

Do you want more tools to help you grow and navigate working with clients, friends, and family?


You’re not alone. 

This certification provides the tools you need to cultivate and spark joy within you.


 THE ARTS are integral in living a holistic and complete life.

By understanding and working with the subtle energetic chakra system, your relationship with your body, mind, and spirit will begin to heal and flourish.


Using  yogic philosophy with movement helped me navigate the darkest time of my life, which included severe depression resulting from a painful breakup, a tumultuous career shift, and being unemployed, all simultaneously occurring. During this time, my deep wounds of S.A., D.V., and childhood trauma arose. I needed more than what Yoga or the Arts could provide in their separate fields.


Working with my own subtle body, cultivating a sacred safe space within myself, being creative and dancing daily, having a steady meditation practice, and deeply committing to my own healing brought the recovery I needed to find my light within the cave of seemingly pitch black darkness.


Yes, I struggled with severe depression and it took me a long time to find my light again, but I made it to the other side.

Yes, it is absolutely possible to recover from deep emotional wounds, and I believe that everyone can and will find their light with the right tools and guidance.  Don’t sell yourself short or underestimate the power of your light.


My mission is to help you RECLAIM & REBALANCE what needs to be restored.

You're not stuck on your journey.

You're simply being guided to peel the layers a little deeper and get to the root of where your wounds first developed. I'm here to help you heal your relationship with your body and create a sacred and safe mental and emotional internal space by integrating ancient wisdom in a modern way.


I invite you to deeply dive with safety, grace, and authenticity.

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About Your Teacher

Why study with Nikki?

Not only is Nikki a Masterful teacher and Artist, but she has also been called a "Creative Genius" by renowned Yoga Masters, like Sarah Finger. Hollywood actor, 

Anne Hathaway shared, that working with Nikki was, "Absolutely Transformative!" 

Nikki's gift for translating the most difficult situations and concepts into digestible and relatable experiences makes her teachings down-to-earth and readily accessible. She has earned her seasoned cloak of wisdom both as a Master teacher and gifted Artist with extensive years of experience & tutelage on and off the mat.

Empower Your


Single Payment


(Reg Price: $500.00)

Use code: InnerArtist at Checkout


Option 2:

Monthly Payment Plan



30 Credits will be granted and can be applied towards

The Movement Teacher Training Certification

 upon successful completion.

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Stay playful and creative on your path.

Get Nikki's Chakra Coloring Book to complement your journey. This thoughtfully curated coloring book boasts 147 pages of detailed drawings infused with affirmations for each chakra. 

Chakra Coloring Book
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