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Corporate Wellness Matters

It's time to think outside of the wellness box and discover your unique recipe for alignment, balance, and transformation.

Happy employees are healthy employees. Corporate Wellness brings vitality and empowerment directly to your workplace. Virtual and on site programming can be curated for daily, weekly, and monthly practices delivered directly to staff members. With simple meditation, breathwork, and movement practices empowering employees has become easier than ever. 

Yoga Child's Pose

You are at the helm of your ship.

You are the architect and architecture.

You are the conscious creator of your reality.

You are the designer of the fabric of your life. 

Empower yourself with the gift of pure conscious awareness.

Corporate Clients have included Estée Lauder, America Works, Boston Consulting Group and more...

Nikki’s beautiful practice has been a wonderful gift to our staff. We were able to open up her class to hundreds of staff across the country virtually and this gave people who don’t normally have access to these workshops an opportunity to experience the restoration and wellness that comes from these methods.

Nikkis class infuses our day with vitality so we can become connected to our purpose and be revitalized for ourselves and our work. 

Antonia Cove

Managing Director - America Works US National Corporation

Nikki Baksh is in a league of her own. 

Her energy, physical prowess, drive, and passion to drive others is unparalleled. 

Her enthusiasm is infectious and she makes you want to work. Nikki Baksh is one of the best.


Allison Hagendorf 

Former Head of Rock @Spotify

Online Wellness Events Empower Empolyees

Healthy Employees are Happy Employees.

LEt me Be of Service To You  

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