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Third Eye

Curated Wellness and Integrated Healing Arts


Nikki's programming is unlike any other. Dynamic in its approach, Arts & Yoga Science meet with over 4 decades of dance, healing arts, anatomy, energy work, and ancient intuitive clairsentience. To better assess your needs, please take a few minutes to fill out this pre-screening questionnaire

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MOVE Privately

Yoga was originally taught directly from teacher to student. Having your teacher’s undivided attention allows for maximum integration both physically and on the more subtle level.

Because Nikki is an embodied empath, she is able to attune to the creative energies, which is pure spiritual consciousness. This makes her a MASTER of Movement, as she is able to articulately wield musicality, tonality, frequency, intuition, sound, and body mechanics into an explosion of Yogic Artistry on the Mat.

Yoga is both physical and spiritual, and the best practice combines both elements. If you are looking to deeply dive into your practice, consider working privately. In the West, the majority of the practice if focused upon the physical component. The science of yoga teaches that optimal balance and the most beneficial health and wellness regime must be curated from the inside out.

What we feel, how we think, why we react, when we nourish and sleep - these are just a few of the subtle frequencies which govern the overall wellbeing of every individual. This is particularly what makes Nikki a sought after gem  among Hollywood celebs. Her ability to cultivate a safe nourishing environments, where high profiled individuals can simply be themselves, is the gift of true healer. Nikki truly leads with a heart of LOVE and lives from a depth of compassion..

Book your Virtual* Private Sessions.

Benefits of private yoga classes + energy work
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One-to-One Guidance: 

  • is designed to fit your schedule.

  • individually curated practices for your needs.

  • is unique to your goals and needs.

  • can be recorded for your benefit to practice.

  • includes a weekly practice plan for in between sessions.

  • holds you accountable.

  • creates a plan for you to maintain your at-home practice.

  • includes ongoing email support over the duration of private class sessions.

  • creates consistency.

  • provides unconditional love and support.

  • empowers the essence of who you truly are.

  • reclaims your inner divine creative Shakti energy.

  • ignites fluidity and ease.

  • increases vitality and sensuality.

  • stimulates your energy, fire, and passion.

Cancelation Policy:

Please cancel your private appointments at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment time.

All appointments missed or not cancelled within this time frame will be charged in full.

Sessions have a 3 month* expiration from date of purchase.

By booking and purchasing sessions you agree to the above terms and conditions.

All Sales are Final. There are no refunds.

Please inquire for in-person* rates

Pre-screening evaluation.

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