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The Artistry of Sound

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Monthly Sound Baths

Join the community and experience complimentary Sound Baths to facilitate healing and ignite harmony. Click the link to reserve your spot.




Third Eye

Find Inspiration with Me

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Why Sound Healing?

Nourish & Balance Your

Vibrational Frequency

Ancient Wisdom | Modern Offering

Modern Science is now confirming the ancient wisdom of Sound Vibration on the Nervous System.

Alexander the Great knew of the healing benefits of Eastern Yoga Science and Ayurveda. The wisdom of plant based medicine and the science of life (Ayruveda), was taught from Brahmin priests to Greek philosophers.

Hippocrates, from whom we get the Hippocratic Oath, is credited as one of the forefathers of early medicine. While serving Alexander the Great, Hippocrates learned the Yogic secrets of the quantum field of universal energy.

Crystal Bowl Therapy
Third Eye
Crystal Bowl Therapy


Moon Sound Baths

and Movement Community Event

Creating an elevated online global community has been a mission of Nikki's.

Monthly Moon Baths are intended to unite artists and seekers all over the world  through Music, Movement, Mantra, and Meditation. 


Nikki is a natural born intuitive artist and master teacher, helping others access their intuitive wisdom and serving, as a guide and mentor.

 Her Monthly Moon Sound Baths provide the right balance of an intuitive and artfully organized celebration - The Movement - with the closing energetic rebalancing of a luxurious

432 Hz Crystal Bowl Sound Bath.

Look forward to this monthly celebration of Dance & Music - releasing and regrouping.



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Sound Healing 

The healing arts of Sound Bowls dates back more than 6,000 years ago. 

Known for its transparent high vibrational attunement to nature's life force frequency of 432 Hz, crystal bowl sound healing has been known for its profound effects on the nervous system of humans and animals.


Now, you too, can bathe in the luxurious sounds

of this profound technique.

Book a Private Sound Bath Event 

Crystal Bowl Therapy

Book a Private Event

Sound Bath Event

Give the Gift of Healing

Please inquire for event, workshop, corporate, and private event rates.


Rates reflect required deposit for booking. All events can be booked through email.

All Sales are Final. There are no refunds, transfers, or exchanges. Sessions are valid for 3 months from purchase date. 

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