You are your own


You are not cookie cutter.

Each Being has a unique recipe for creating and maintaining balance. This artistic approach to yoga science invites your inner artist to meet your inner guru.

It's time to think outside of the box, and invite your unique recipe for alignment, healing, and transformation.

Transform Trauma.
Transcend Limitations.


Nikki Baksh has cracked the code on modern day wellness!

- Betsy Osterholm | Co-Founder of Chaos & Tonic

A true MASTER of Movement and a creative force of her own, her signature trademark and collection of offerings uniquely and effortlessly threads decades of her knowledge as a devout Tantric Yoga teacher & practitioner with her professional background as a dancer, choreographer, painter, performer, writer, and musician. 

Nikki is highly sought after as an advisor, healer, mentor, master teacher and creative artist. She became the official Yoga Advisor for the Apple TV+ series We Crashed, starring Anne Hathaway and Jared Leto. You can experience her magnetism at ISHTA Yoga Studio in NYC and through her online offerings.  

Are you a looking for an artistic and creative approach to your wellness?

Trusted By

Academy Award Winner

Annie Hathaway

Courtesy of CBS Television: The Late Show with Stephen Colbert | We Crashed: Apple TV+ 

Which Movement Do You Need?



Move your Energy, Fire, and Passion.

Nikki Baksh is a visionary and a true wellspring of knowledge.

As an artist, Nikki has presented her poetry & sculpture at SACI in Florence Italy. As an actor|performer, she is an undefeated 2 time national champion in Dramatic Performance, N.C.F.L. She has choreographed and taught dance extensively throughout Europe. She is a published poet, a master and celebrity teacher, and a lifelong Spiritual practitioner. Nikki embodies the duality of Arts and Science, which allows her methodology to artfully weave her

Creative Ingenuity of Yoga Science


The Art of Movement. 


As a respected teacher in the ISHTA Yoga lineage, Nikki masterfully integrates the sister sciences of Tantra, Hatha and Ayurveda in an artistic dynamic approach. Her curated approach intuitively designs a unique recipe to revitalize and rebalance the nervous system. Let yourself receive the love and compassion you most need as you heal and ultimately transform.

Are you ready to think #outoftheBAKSH?


Kind Words

Nikki Baksh is a masterful teacher.

Integrated with humor, compassion, and grace, Nikki's class is like a journey into the deeper realms of the self. Her embodied presence is a reminder, that the divine is inherent in all beings and accessible through the human form.

Sarah Platt Finger

Director of Yoga @Chopra | Co-Founder ISHTA Yoga

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Kind Words

Nikki Baksh is in a league of her own. 

Her energy, physical prowess, drive, and passion to drive others is unparalleled. 
Her enthusiasm is infectious and she makes you want to work.
Nikki Baksh is one of the best.

Allison Hagendorf 
Head of Rock @Spotify