Nikki Baksh is a true well of knowledge. As a celebrity and master teacher, her methodology artfully weaves 

Creative Genius with Self-Mastery

through every collaboration artistically & spiritually. 


NIKKI BAKSH  is an invitation to take

conscious ownership of your well-being through the Arts, Yoga, and Self-Mastery.

Nikki Baksh: The Movement invokes healing,


emotional weight loss,

physical strength,


balance, and

the embodiment of  a more graceful lifestyle.

"It's not woo woo; It's science" NB


Third Eye
Third Eye


I'm Nikki

I invite you to:

Slow down. Be Present. Give Goodness.

I'm a conscious creator, human rights activist, spiritual guide, meditation + yoga teacher, transformative artist and writer.  My name, Nikki Baksh™, translates to Giving Goodness, which is what I aim to share with humanity....goodness.

As a scholar and yoga teacher with over 20+ years of in-depth comprehensive knowledge of meditation, dance, yoga and interdisciplinary studies, my teachings are a unique combination of modern spirituality, steeped in ancient wisdom.


Combining ease, grace, laughter, love and acceptance, I love to breathe light and humor into deep roots through each class, workshop or artistry that I create. 


As a dance and movement aficionado, my asana + movement flow classes, allow freedom to explore what each individual truly* needs without needing to approach practice in a dogmatic way. As a gateway inward, we learn to connect breath and body* in a meditative state through dynamic creative asana work and the introduction of tantric kriyas.

Kriyas are purifying techniques for the subconscious and energetic blockages manifesting as disease, discomfort, anxiety, depression, addiction, image + identity dismorphia, and more.  

My online classes, workshops and international retreats focus on personal healing, union, finding true bliss and evoking internal balance. Healing happens by calling forth pure consciousness, unbound, unlimited potential into every cell of the body.


This union and harmony with our highest potential and pure limitless capabilities allow for integration of our true nature ---ONE-NESS--- to be breathed into everyday living.


Through planting and cultivating new seeds for deeper gratitude, love, humility and compassion, we essentially start to rewire new neural pathways, creating new patterns to create the life truly desired.

Online International Live Stream

My classes are LIVE Stream accessible for International students in their time zones.

Links will be sent to recorded classes if you are unable to attend, but would still like to participate. 

My classes use the science of Yoga, Meditation, Self-Study, Spiritual Education, and Movement, to align & balance your nervous system.


Vinyasa for the Nervous System

Monday/ Wednesday/ Friday

 12pm ET (Open Level)

The Movement

Sunday Series


10am ET (Open Level)