Nikki Baksh is in a league of her own. 

Her energy, physical prowess, drive, and passion to drive others is unparalleled. 

Her enthusiasm is infectious and she makes you want to work.

Nikki Baksh is one of the best.

- Allison Hagendorf -

Official Host of Times Square New Year's Eve 

Nikki Baksh is a masterful teacher.

Integrated with humor, compassion, and grace, Nikki's class is like a journey into the deeper realms of the self. Her embodied presence is a reminder, that the divine is inherent in all beings and accessible through the human form.

- Yogiraj Sarah Platt Finger | Co-Founder ISHTA Yoga | Private teacher to Deepak Chopra -

Third Eye

Nikki Baksh is a true well of knowledge.

As an artist, master and celebrity teacher, her methodology artfully weaves her

Creative Genius of Yoga Science 

through every collaboration, both artistically & spiritually. 


Sound Bath Sessions

Book a Private Session | Event

Elevate your wellness experience. Bathe in the luxurious healing power of 432 Hz crystal bowl Sound Bath Therapy.


Aligned to the vibrational frequency of nature's sounds, 432Hz sound baths are known to have profound healing effects on the human nervous system.

Available for private events and individual 1-1 sessions. 

Serving U.S. and International Clients and Studios.

NIKKI BAKSH: The Movementis an invitation to MOVE our Energy, Fire, and Passion,

 through the tools of Yoga Science and The Arts. 

Taking conscious ownership in an elevated and elegant, loving approach initiates

the path to Self-Mastery.



Third Eye
Healing through Movement
White Cream

The stillness of movement leads to the presence of alignment; mind, spirit, and physical architecture become one - NB.

Move through Vinyasa Yoga

Move through Dance and Music

Move through Stillness (Sound Bath Meditation) 

Nikki's artfully designed signature methodologies offer a transformative invitation to balance our human experience.

Move through Vinyasa Yoga:  based on ancient ideologies, family lineage, coupled with Kriya techniques and Yoga Science, this physical practice of postures in Yoga, makes the practice accessible for all levels and ages.

Move through Dance (aka The Movement): created from Nikki's background as a professional dancer and performer, this class yokes a rich background in Spirituality with minimal ease- to-learn movement. Open to all levels, this signature class is bound to transform you in a loving and soulful approach.

Move through Stillness is another unique signature offering. Blending Kriya & ISHTA Meditations, mixed with Nikki's rich family lineage, this class artfully guides practitioners to experience steps towards Meditation, using nourishing crystal bowls for a luxurious Sound Bathing journey.

Third Eye

Move Privately

Nikki creates a safe, trustworthy, nurturing inner-environment to comfort her clientele, which includes international dignitaries, government officials, professional athletes, celebrities and students of all ages. 

Whether you're working on:

  • sculpting long lean muscles

  • arm balances & inversions

  • silencing the inner critic

  • increasing breathwork

  • Dharma sessions (guidance)

  • Vinyasa sequencing

  • Kriya meditation

  • Movement & Music

  • vibrational alignment (sound baths)

  • personal development

  • Spiritual Breakthroughs

1-1 Sessions are individually curated for your specific needs.

Vinyasa for the Nervous System


Movement is a soothing, natural, and cultural way of life for many. This transformative healing arts method uses movement, dance, and kriyas from yoga science, fused with specifically formatted breath work to release stagnant + dormant energy blocks.

This signature class blends my native Trinidadian roots & rhythms with 20 years of professional teaching experience.

As an artist, dancer, and meditation teacher, this foundational class ends with a guided cool down and savasana.


The Movement

Move through Stillness

The stillness of movement is the presence of awakening. When we still the mind, we can reflect

Vritti - mental chatter, creating false narratives, belief patterns




Citta - consciousness.

With regular practice and sound healing instruments, we can create a hypnagogic state using Kriya Meditation and Crystal Singing Bowls.

Meditations & Sound Bath Sessions with 432Hz Crystal Quartz


Classes are LIVE Stream accessible for International students in multiple time zones.

Currently collaborating with Wayin Studios in Sweden. For studio collaborations please email.

Links to recorded classes  are sent to those with Golden Memberships.

Third Eye

Move in Studio

Learn Signature Methodology from Nikki Baksh™.


Move through Yoga

Vinyasa for the Nervous System

 Wednesday/ Friday - online

 12pm ET (All Levels)

Move through Dance

The Movement

Monthly Themed Series


Fridays: 3pm ET (All levels)

Third Eye

Move towards Self-Mastery

The Art of Awakening leads to


'The message is in the mess.'

Become the healer YOU need. Heal the needing you seek.

Go from 'Surviving' to 'THRIVING.'

Third Eye

Move Monthly

Detox with a luxurious soothing monthly sound bath ritual.
Get cozy, grab your essential oils, an eye-pillow, and your favorite blanket.

Rejuvenate your senses and still your mind.

Building Community

Monthly Community Events 

Through Movement & Music

Full Moon events are renowned for their power, freedom, great music, releasing healing energy, and . These community events usually take place in nature near beaches, lakes, and water. Since I'm not currently leading retreats, this is a great monthly reset.

Yoking community from all around the globe through dance and music, this monthly online gathering starts with The Movement™, and concludes with a nourishing Crystal Bowl Sound Bath.


Look forward to this monthly ritual of Movement and Music during the Full Moon. Guests artists, musicians and DJs add their soulful artistry in collaboration.

Reserve for a group event

Inquire for group discounts.

Third Eye

Moving Reviews

Nikki’s beautiful practice has been a wonderful gift to our staff. We were able to open up her class to hundreds of staff across the country virtually and this gave people who don’t normally have access to these workshops an opportunity to experience the restoration and wellness that comes from these methods.


Our staff work with individuals who face social and economic hardship. It is rewarding work but can be emotionally challenging. Nikkis class infuses our day with vitality so we can become connected to our purpose and be revitalized for ourselves and our work. 

Antonia Cove

Managing Director - America Works US National Corporation

Nikki Baksh is in a league of her own!

Her energy, physical prowess, drive, and passion to drive others is unparalleled. 

Her enthusiasm is infectious and she makes you want to work.

As a group fitness enthusiast, I've pretty much tried every class 
known to man and have worked with countless instructors.

Nikki Baksh is one of the best.



Allison Hagendorf 

Official Host of Times Square

New Year's Eve  -

Head of Rock at Spotify

Nikki Baksh is a masterful teacher of yoga.

Her knowledge of body mechanics blended with her insight into the subtle realm, creates an experience that is both illuminating and empowering.

Nikki’s class is like a journey into the deeper realms of the self, integrated with humor, compassion, and grace. Her embodied presence is a reminder that the divine is inherent in all beings and accessible through the human form.



Yogi-raj Sarah Platt-Finger
Co-founder ISHTA Yoga | Private Teacher to Deepak Chopra

Nikki's thoughtfully curated programming was presented to me from a yogic perspective...she helped me work through boundaries and "non-negotiables" in other aspects of my life.


One of the other most important things she helped me to better understand was my sense of self-worth and how it related to my actions. It has taken me quite awhile to break some of the patterns I had established that I thought were valuable, but realized were no longer serving me at this point in my life.

Erica Marcano


Self-Mastery Training 


National Wellness

Celebrity Clientele


Third Eye

Artistic Collaborations and Clients Include: