Nikki Baksh is in a league of her own. 

Her energy, physical prowess, drive, and passion to drive others is unparalleled. 

Her enthusiasm is infectious and she makes you want to work.

Nikki Baksh is one of the best.

- Allison Hagendorf -

Official Host of Times Square New Year's Eve 

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Nikki Baksh is a masterful teacher.

Integrated with humor, compassion, and grace, Nikki's class is like a journey into the deeper realms of the self. Her embodied presence is a reminder, that the divine is inherent in all beings and accessible through the human form.

- Yogiraj Sarah Platt Finger | Co-Founder ISHTA Yoga | Private teacher to Deepak Chopra -

Third Eye

Nikki Baksh is a true well of knowledge.

As an artist, master and celebrity teacher, her methodology artfully weaves her

Creative Genius of Yoga Science 

through every collaboration, both artistically & spiritually. 



Sound Bath Sessions

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Bathing in the luxurious healing power of 432 Hz crystal bowl Sound Bath Therapy is a sure way to elevate your wellness experience.


Aligned to the vibrational frequency of nature's sounds, 432Hz sound baths are an ancient ritual, these enchanting sound bowls will nourish and restore balance to the nervous system. Dating back thousands of years, as a known healing modality, sound is viewed as the sacred language of the universe. It is believed that through the vibration of sound, all life was created.

Available for private events and individual 1-1 sessions.


Highly recommended for creatives.**

Serving U.S. and International Clients and Studios.

NIKKI BAKSH: The Movementis an invitation to MOVE our Energy, Fire, and Passion,

 through the tools of Yoga Science and The Arts. 

Taking conscious ownership in an elevated and elegant, loving approach initiates

the path to Self-Mastery.



Third Eye
Healing through Movement
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The stillness of movement leads to the presence of alignment; mind, spirit, and physical architecture become one - NB.

Move through Vinyasa Yoga

Move through Dance and Music

Move through Stillness (Sound Bath Meditation) 

Nikki's artfully designed signature methodologies offer a transformative invitation to balance our human experience.

Move through Vinyasa Yoga:  based on ancient ideologies, family lineage, coupled with Kriya techniques and Yoga Science, this physical practice of postures in Yoga, makes the practice accessible for all levels and ages.

Move through Dance (aka The Movement): created from Nikki's background as a professional dancer and performer, this class yokes a rich background in Spirituality with minimal ease- to-learn movement. Open to all levels, this signature class is bound to transform you in a loving and soulful approach.

Move through Stillness is another unique signature offering. Blending Kriya & ISHTA Meditations, mixed with Nikki's rich family lineage, this class artfully guides practitioners to experience steps towards Meditation, using nourishing crystal bowls for a luxurious Sound Bathing journey.

Third Eye

Move Privately

Nikki creates a safe, trustworthy, nurturing inner-environment to comfort her clientele, which includes international dignitaries, government officials, professional athletes, celebrities and students of all ages

Whether you're working on:

  • sculpting long lean muscles

  • arm balances & inversions

  • silencing the inner critic

  • increasing breathwork

  • Dharma sessions (guidance)

  • Vinyasa sequencing

  • Kriya meditation

  • Movement & Music

  • vibrational alignment (sound baths)

  • personal development

  • Spiritual Breakthroughs

1-1 Sessions are individually curated for your specific needs.

Vinyasa for the Nervous System