Online Privates + Healing Sessions

Yoga was originally taught directly from teacher to student. Having your teacher’s undivided attention and hands-on adjustments, allows for maximum integration of what is being taught physically and embodied through the subtle energies.

Yoga is both physical and spiritual, and the best practice combines both elements. If you are looking to deeply dive into your practice, considered working privately.

Due to the Co-Vid pandemic, Nikki is now offering virtual private sessions. Please inquire if you desire in-person privates.* Sliding scale pricing available for those who need it.

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Benefits of private yoga classes + healing sessions

If you,

your family,

your employees or someone you knows,

suffers from one of the above mentioned conditions,

please know that 

every dis-ease & dis-comfort 

originates in the mind.

Working privately allows for a deeper awareness and an individualized healing response from your own nervous system to ignite.



One-to-One Guidance: 

  • is designed to fit your schedule.

  • is unique to your goals and needs.

  • is recorded for your benefit and sent to you directly to keep and practice.

  • includes a weekly practice plan for in between sessions.

  • holds you accountable.

  • creates a plan for you to maintain your at-home practice.

  • includes ongoing email support over the duration of private class sessions.


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Which private sessions are best for me?