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Consciously Mindful Offerings

** available remotely & on site **

What is consciousness and how does it affect me personally? Depending on the definition you choose to apply, consciousness can take on several different meanings. Being a scholar and transcendental conduit since I was 16, my ancestral lineage in energy work and shamanism, personal practice, and 20+ years of experience can help cultivate a personalized approach to harmonizing your intrinsic and extrinsic nature. I offer many  personalized lifestyle programs to help you align from the inside out. Each option can be specifically tailored to your needs. There is an ability for integrated studies based on  your needs. *Listed rates are for a one hour consultation to discern which offering best suits your needs.


   Consciousness quite beautifully defined.


Cleanse, Detox, & Align Nutritionally

Finding Freedom in Food

Have you struggled with body weight, body image issues, addiction, or dependency?

Have you heard about "superfoods" but aren't quite sure how to incorporate them or how they can affect you?

When you hear the words detox, cleansing, and fasting, do you think of these terms as restrictions?

Are most of your meals eaten on the go, purchased outside, or based on convenience?

Do vegetarian and vegan food choices often"scare" you?

If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, this is a great opportunity to nurture and reprogram yourself.


Together, we create the menu for your mind, body, and soul. Daily journaling, personal check-in's, and 1-1 personal or virtual weekly coaching is available for your 3 month program.  

**I am not a registered dietician or RN. My knowledge is based on Ayurveda and personal self-practice.



- a 3 day focus to eliminate toxins


- a 3 week mindful approach to integrating your favorite foods


- a 3 month ultimate course in balancing our habits without restriction


$250 (hourly)


Unlock Your Infinite Power

Discovering Consciousness Through Spirituality

Spirituality can be defined in numerous ways. Creating a mindful connection between your inner and outer worlds helps harmonize and integrate peace within and without.

In a world wrought with external validation, we are taught to seek refuge, approval, & understanding outside of ourselves. 

As we awaken, we unlearn dogma, finding that absolute truth, power, strength, and creation all come from within us.

This course work unlocks your personal power with a cross examination of what has been universally expressed through ancient cultures, organized religion, science, and diversified arts.

Nikki weaves her expansive study in art, dance, and spirituality into an immersive course study experience, offering her edgy Manhanttanite rock & roll vibe with thought-provoking introspection.



- a 1 hour consultation session 


- a 1 month program dedicated to studying philosophy, spiritual and scientific laws, et al.


- a 3 month immersive course study with weekly readings, dialogue, and check in's

From: $250 (hourly)


Travel Guidance

Vacation to Relocation

Planning a trip or vacation?

Craving an adventure?

Needing to reground, release, or relocate?

New to New York, and want to see it like a local?

With over 30 years of traveling the global and growing up with a parent in the airline industry, I can certainly help navigate your needs. 

From finding the right setting, to hotels, wellness options, & self study, my travels and personal knowledge span the following places:

  • Maldives 

  • Bali, Indonesia

  • Mauritius

  • Fiji

  • Solomon Islands

  • Tokyo, Japan

  • Chennai, India

  • Koh Samui, Thailand

  • Greece: Athens, Santorini, Paros, Mykonos, Amorgos

  • France: Paris / South France (Nice & Perigieux)

  • Croatia: entire Dalmatian coast, Zagreb 

  • Italy: Firenze, Naples, Venice, Rome, Cinque Terre, Elba

  • Spain

  • London, England

  • Denmark

  • Belgium

  • Sweden

  • Switzerland

  • Brazil

  • Mexico

  • Chile

  • Costa Rica

  • California

  • and more...



- journeying for leisure or business and in need of advice


- in need of a change of scenery or desirous of something new with personal connections 


- in-depth guidance to moving, integrating, finding a tribe within new surroundings

From: $250 (hourly)


Daily, Nightly, Full Moon, New Moon, & More...


From morning coffee to evening tea, salt scrubs, bubble baths, massages, and body work, we examine the rituals and time you dedicate to yourself from every aspect.


Rituals have less to do with dogma and doctrine, and more to do with cultivating what resides within your spirit for true balance and everyday function.

The labor of love you give yourself is in essence what you also give to the world. You deserve to be pampered, loved, and rejuvenated. Together, we can create the proper rituals for your lifestyle.



- learn the elements within nature that already exist within you. 


- a mindful approach to consciously devoting daily time for your needs.


- a deluxe immersion program, combining moon rituals, personal rituals, and global practices for ultimate harmony.


$250 (hourly)


Living a Limitless Life

Stepping into a Fulfilling Lifestyle

Have you often put off or delayed doing things that you truly wanted to do?

Do you find yourself making excuses for not taking a trip of a lifetime?

When do you allow yourself to live the bucket list items that you may or may not have yet written?

This coursework is specifically designed for those wanting to live NOW.


Together, we evaluate how your sense of "self" has been established from birth to now. We define how you truly desire to live, defining the "self" according to you and your definition. Finally, we re-establish your new "self" as a whole, limitless, divine being capable of doing, being, and experiencing life fully without restrictions. 





- a comprehensive daily immersion for 3 months with coursework designed for healing and reinvention.


Email for package rate


You Always Have Support

Companion Program

For many, the journey can seem isolating. Your fragile being as you heal needs love, nurturing, laughter and light.


If you have experienced trauma or are recovering from body image distortion, self-esteem, eating disorders, substance abuse, addiction, alcoholism, emotional, mental, physically pain, you are not alone. Many of us have been shamed or defined by a former life.

Together, this program is designed to help you stay, find, and believe in your new journey through tenderness and love.



- our time together will be filled with the nurturing you need to help rewire the pathways of the psyche.


$750 (per day)

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