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Karmic /Energetic Spatial Cleansing

Moving to a new space? Clear the old energy to invite prosperity.

  • 2 hours
  • 500 US dollars
  • New York

Service Description

Energetic debris can often attach to our environments, clothing, furniture, and acquired objects. Whether you're moving into a new working or home environment, clearing past energies is important when we begin new journeys. Many thriving businesses have used these ancient modalities, which includes smudging, resins, intention setting, crystal work, energetic alignment, and reiki to move stagnant and unwanted residue. Home environments can also accumulate dense energy with our neighbors' and external environmental energies. Unwanted residue can cling to our personal aura if there is disruption or a tear within our energetic field. An on-site energetic clearing ceremony is always recommended every season to shift the winds according to seasonal changes. During this session, Nikki's gifts of clairsentience and clairaudience will be used to assess the environment. She will connect on a deeper level with the subtle energy within the recipient and share any immediate downloads and guidance received. Her ancestral lineage is steeped in the wisdom traditions, and her diverse background allows her accurately find, receive, and cultivate light within any environment. As an ordained universal minister, initiated Balinese Shaman, and channel for universal intelligence, her ability to connect with the unbounded energetic realm, makes her a spiritually diverse and creative energetic healer. Nikki's high vibrational attunement comes from living a holisitic and sattvic lifestyle steeped in Ayurveda and native wisdom traditions. Please note: *​Your consultation will be confirmed upon receipt of payment. *If your *preferred time* is not listed, please send an email at info@nikkibaksh with a list of 3 preferred times/days. A member of the team will be in touch with you to confirm your selection.

Cancellation Policy

Refund Policy: All sales are final. There are no transfers for cancellations within 24 hours of the event start time. Since this is a donation based event, there are no refunds.

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