Nikki Baksh: The Movement

Healing Arts Weekly Workshops For Your Mind, Body, & Soul 

"He who heals himself, heals his ancestors."


On-going Themes: Love




"The Movement" is Nikki's method of uniting students with interdisciplinary backgrounds to give goodness to themselves in an unapologetic, inspirational, creative, imaginative, forum.


Here, artistry, dance, yoga, music, and spirit meet in a pure organic form. This movement allows for Shakti (pure, raw, nurturing) energy to transform into organic, uninhibited movement. Class begins with the mindful centering of self, followed by an intelligently designed soulful warm-up, chakra alignment exercises, core and externally expressive movements to unite spirit and movement. Phrases of movement are then given and deconstructed as each individual surrenders to the emotion of what is flowing through them. No two individuals look alike, nor is it encouraged to emulate another person. There is no right or wrong; there is only the safety of your personal space and acceptance of what is in each varied moment.


Nikki’s background as a Dance and Yoga teacher have given her a forum to create and hold space for those wanting, needing, and yearning to heal from subconscious and conscious trauma, desirous of looking within to creatively express and trust inner and outer movement, and those ready to move from a primal unapologetic place within the discipline of creative dance etiquette into phrasing that is judgement free. 


This method focuses on the 7 subtle body chakras (7 in totality - 14 when we incorporate the unbalanced and balanced aspects or “beings” we inhabit within and without; par example - muladhara or root chakra when balanced exhibits safety, security, home; when unbalanced we experience insecurity, fear, anger) and allows for exploration of each chakra - balanced and unbalanced, to be explored through music, attire, choreography, discussion, and asana. Each class begins with a specific warm-up, work“out”, and work“in” to delve within the human psyche and bring healing and balance to mind, body, and spirit.

Each chakra has it’s own color, musical note, mantra (a word or sound repeated to aid concentration in meditation), and since we can be balanced and unbalanced within each chakra, we can therefore, seem to inhabit 2 different beings within us. In this course, we will learn and explore the different beings we become when balanced/ unbalanced and begin to identify.

Nikki's creation includes 14 different "Energetic Beings," including our shadow and light being personas, who awaken to the intricate prana (life force energy), daily. Our moods, feelings, emotions, and thought patterns are a direct cosmic superhighway to that infinite connection to spirit manifesting within the body temple. This will have an impact on the balance and imbalance of the inner beings that can disrupt or heal our lives by simply presenting themselves as blockages or exponential energy, both physically and subtly. These beings are fully explored in more advanced studies and course work (coming soon as levels 1- 7).

Creative, expressive attire, including and not limited to heels, personal apparel, costuming to express the inner being are encouraged but not required. This class provides a safe environment for all levels and supports the creative expression of each individual. A healing technique that will be explored in classes include: mirroring/ shadowing - matching and echoing the person’s movements and vocalizations to show empathy and validate what the person is feeling.



For the: 

  • the non-mover who has yearns for a deeper understanding of self

  • yogi who always wanted to dance

  •  the dancer who finds self focused on counts and phrasing 

  • the actor who needs to move from within

the this class transforms the body, enriches the mind, and frees the soul. See you in this soulfully expressive class.

Important skills that can be acquired during the process of dance movement therapy include:

Learning how to develop and trust your ability to be present empathetically

Being able to respond authentically and truthfully.

Learning how to translate the nonverbal movements into insights that can be used in recovery 

What is The Movement, exactly?

Where breath, healing, and freedom meet. 

No mirrors, no judgment, just you in your wholeness in a safe nurturing environment. 

Men, women, transgender - all are welcome.

Open levels - sacred space - dress to express yourself.

Now let the inward journey begin.

Monthly themes have included:

April & May 

exploring each physical body chakra (each week explored a different energetic wheel)


exploring duality within us (our light and shadow sides)


the freedom series (dedicated to artists who inspire me and unapologetically fulfilled their dharma through their living artistry - Depeche Mode, Amy Winehouse, Prince, etc.)


the Trini series (exploring music, percussion, and tribal rhythms of my homeland that are part of my ancestral roots and Muladhara chakra)   


the Love Series (explore the connection of self through the mastery of touch, self-talk, and moving to the love frequency of 528 Hz, invoking healing & connection with the Divine.

October & November

the Balance Series (Fall is the season for transitions. As we transition for Summer to the cooler temperatures in Vata season, we can feel scattered, torn, ungrounded, detached, and anxious. This month we focus inward on how to balance outward.


the gratitude series: as we wake every morning, we can start with a simple prayer of gratitude for a new life (explore all that you are grateful for & see just how quickly that list multiplies) 

Every Tuesday

Studio 3F/ 7:15 - 8:45pm* NEW TIME   

Arts on Site - 12 St. Mark's Pl.