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I started this series, because I was that one loner kid who connected to things during my childhood and adolescence that seemed ancient.... compared to what other kids were doing and interested in....

I was that kid who brought a piece of moss from the outside, because it seemed unique and fascinating to me, that greenery was growing on a cement pavement in cold New York City. How was life thriving through cracks in the pavement...versus the tropics where sunshine and soil is a must* for life to flourish?

This was my 8 year old brain on fire ๐Ÿ”ฅ....burning with searing questions about life and all #expansion of creativity. This was what I offered to my third grade teacher, Julie Clapper....when asked, "how our lunch/recess break was." I offered up moss...and how incredible it was to find New York City...growing through a pavement! This answer... was the onslaught for many lashings, bullying, and a series of torments that would fill my childhood into adolescence. This brain and my simple loving curiosity for knowledge of ALL things would encourage me to finish my work on time, ahead of the class, looking forward to extra credits, and any after school activities that were artistic. This thirst for knowledge would follow me to's who I's what I listen intuition.

Is anybody listening out there?

Before I go any share that I felt the energies of the sky...amidst the rectory parking lot, where we played?

Is anybody listening out there?

A little parochial school, called St. Catherine of Siena on 68th Street bet. York & 1st aves, would forever change my life in America.

Is anybody listening out there?

Seeing things in my unique way....the exact same way, in which I still view the beauty and bounty of this infinitely beautiful world.

Is anybody listening out there?

Then why are we combative?

Have you experienced someone picking a fight with you instead of asking questions?

I recently performed a sound bath for someone, who was gifted this incredibly healing, nourishing, and powerful offering.

Unfortunately, the recipient was not told what she was being gifted, and when both parties arrived at my wellness studio, I was greeted with crossed arms, a sharp tongue, and a snarky retort for almost any and everything, that I was doing my best to share. I thought, perhaps, that the luxurious gift bags I prepared, with gorgeously scented soy wax candles, beautiful agates, crystals, and the personalized handwritten cards would help to soften whatever guard the individual was bent on keeping.

Sadly.....NO SUCCESS....

I watched the discomfort unfold, upon receiving, a thoughtfully selected array of luxury items. And it reminded me of how shitty it feels, when we put so much ourselves into being present .....only to be met with no manners or appreciation. (People can only meet us, as deeply as they meet themselves. Pay attention to the details of how someone reveals themselves.)

Thankfully, the person who booked the birthday gift demonstrated, what I now call in life, BASIC common manners: Thank you so much... (was what was received. Hooray!)

"Thank you" goes a LONG way in does, "Excuse me, please," and "No thank you."

And it seems to be something, that is NOT taught in some households or is exceedingly difficult for those, who do not fully โœจLOVEโœจ themselves. When we truly embody LOVE... when we live and hold ourselves accountable to this vibration....this frequency of joy, compassion, and the balance of giving/receiving.... we are able to meet all beings at the heart. I, however, was met at the gut...the overactive manipura chakra, pride filled, know-it-all, guarded, controlling, interruptive, dominant, agro-pitta - let's fight level.

Cue: mental thoughts๐Ÿ˜ณ

The friend, who set up the sound bath, thought it was a great idea for the other friend, but never told the gift recipient what the gift was...and was relying on ME to share and divulge the meaning, depth, reasoning, etc. behind this beautiful sound bath with all of these healing tools and mini-gifts.... which just dropped flat. ๐Ÿ˜

I could FEEL the weight of rage, anger, trauma, and depression, that has needed healthy outlets from this woman. (Yes.... I can read energy like a book. At first I thought it was a curse; now I value this gift as a blessing.)

While the idea of sound healing was spot on, and what I would highly recommend for those with an imbalanced Manipura chakra (and for overall mental health and physical balance), I felt very much like a teacher, wondering why the parent is not* parenting and informing their child.

Clearly and responsibly informing another, who is/may be suffering from deep trauma and hyper-vigilance, is a service to all parties involved.

To be clear, an imbalanced manipura chakra shows itself in these ways:

  • needing to be in control

  • feelings of inadequacy

  • arrogance

  • anger issues

  • superiority complex

  • constantly interrupting

  • stubbornness

  • overly critical of others

  • perfectionism

My prayer during the session was for a miracle to occur and to have this woman rise with a feeling of appreciation, calmness, light, and less combative in general. I noticed particular segments of the body releasing stored energy....through twitching. It is common that the places where we store trauma will experience movement, whether we are consciously or unconsciously aware of it. We must all individually address, take responsibility for, and... HEAL our individual #TRAUMA.

Yes....we ALL have our own traumas. Every. Single. Human has trauma.... but it is our responsibility to unpack and heal it so we are not walking around like abrasive timebombs.

NOW.... who are you listening to?


you're that friend, who doesn't wanna be the "bad" person telling your buddy that their behavior is inappropriate....but

Trauma multiplies!

When we keep letting dominantly aggressive people in our lives continue to act this way, it is absolutely not okay. Maybe you have learned to tolerate and accept said behavior..."because you love" the person, but we are actually doing a dis-service to their growth, to the collective, and we put others in unfair predicaments.

If you truly care about someone, it becomes non-negotiable to have these conversations in loving and healthy ways. It is NOT okay to expect someone else to tolerate toxic behavior from anyone, who can be difficult, challenging, and put others in uncomfortable situations.

In my scenario, I wish that the recipient would have been previously informed. Reactions of constant interruptions, nit-picking, and overall aggressive tendencies may seem "cute" or perhaps be defined as "witty banter," but when we look more closely.... bantering is something to do when we know another extremely well. We cannot look outside to create harmony. It MUST be cultivated from within.

I am not saying that we need to sever ties with difficult personalities. Perhaps, it is not even on radar that what may seem 'playful' to one is argumentative and jarring to another.

But if you're bringing someone, who does have a challenging personality, to experience something beautifully balancing, nourishing, and elevating.....perhaps, taking ownership to TELL the person beforehand should** be practiced.

It is not okay to placate any kind of disruptive behavior.

It is not okay to act like the person is demonstrating healthy communication, when they aren't.

It is not okay to act like it's okay, because YOU choose to accept #toxicbehavior from them.

It is not okay to expect another to accept what YOU accept. Period.

Once again, trauma is not our fault.

Healing is, however, our responsibility.

What if everyone just walked around acting how they wanted, because they have trauma? Well, we saw quite a bit of that during the first few weeks of #lockdown, during the #presidency, and the storming of the capital. But we can become better versions of ourselves. We are meant to transform from the inside out, not the outside in. I hoped that the intentions and generosity of the gift given coupled with healing vibrations of the quartz bowls have had some impact on this woman's spirit and nervous system.

Not every person is out "to get you."

Healers and most* yogis desire to give love and share from the heart.

We aren't here to harm you or trigger you.

When you feel triggered, ask yourself, "What does this remind me of?"

Chances has nothing to do with what is happening in your present, but is more deeply related to your past.

This is why a Mental Makeover is necessary.

Are you ready to listen to the truth you've been burying and hiding from?

More than ever, I believe every person can benefit from a healthy #reset, and before you given yourself excuses....what have you lost?

Now think of what you can gain......YOU.

21 Day Mental Makeover: Nervous System Reset

The stillness of movement leads to the presence of alignment. Mind, spirit, and physical architecture become one - NB.


It takes 21 days to create a new habit and 90 days to create a lifestyle shift. This 21 day step-by-step digital program provides tools from

  • yoga science,

  • psychology exercises,

  • thought provoking questions,

  • daily meditations and

  • positive affirmations

to transform your very essence and reset the cognitive mind. When we transform our perceptions, we create room for balance, alignment, and vitality to thrive in our lives. Think of this as a 3 week "Intro to Self-Mastery" program.

Alignment invites reintegration. Reintegration invokes balance. Balance increases vitality. If you are feeling increased: - stress - anxiety - fear - shame - doubt - rigidity - image/body-dismorphia - lethargy - and more.... These conditions, believe it or not, were probably already there pre-pandemic.

We truly do have agency to wipe the slate clean, pick ourselves up from the pain and sorrow, the fragments of unknowns, layered with hope, gratitude, and prayers of all kinds and sizes.

The fact is, we are all in this together...and we can thrive... but it is gonna to require some really deep personal work. Aren't you ready for your own Freedom?

Oh and hey... dear reader

Who are YOU ready to listen to?



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